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Choori or Bangles are a type of ornament worn by women in India. Also called Kangan or Choori in Hindi, Choorian come in various colours and are symbols of matrimony. In India, bangles also known as choorian are very popular and with growing fashion trends, have become a highly popular in their various designs and forms. Choorian are made from various materials and can be found in many shapes such as round, rectangular, oval etc. Choorian are worn in pairs, one on both arms, bangles are colourful, beautiful, and enhance the beauty of women who wear them.

Choorian have been a part of the Indian culture for many centuries, but the new trendy bangles are more versatile than ever before. For Indian woman particularly, choorian holds special significance to her life. Bangles have a very traditional value in Hinduism. Girls buy bangles for every festival or occasion like Teej, Navratri, a wedding or a birthday. During an Indian wedding, the bride tries to wear the smallest glass choorian. One can even wear over a dozen choorian in each hand and relax with the melodious tinkling sound as they clash with each other. It is also believed that smaller bangles symbolize a happy and loving marriage and a wonderful honeymoon. A married Indian woman is required to wear choorian while sudden breaking of choorian is considered a sign of danger or an unpleasant incident involving the husband. Almost any woman, regardless of caste, culture or community, age or marital status can wear choorian in India.


The key to wearing glass Choori is to get the correct size. You should wear the smallest size possible for the best look and the least amount of breakage while you are wearing your Choori. Choorian are not just popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but with Indian economy is booming and big money is flowing into the jewelery market it has made choorian a global product.

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